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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Thoughtful Packaging

Packaging That’s Changing the Game!

Unfortunately waste labelling is a far more complex issue than we think!

It can feel like we need a degree in plastic production to get to the truth of the matter. There is so much greenwashing and misuse of labelling it can become very frustrating. When all we want is to do is the right thing!

We have a blog post on our site that dives deep into helping decode waste labels, you can find this HERE. We hope this makes it a little easier in your own life.

Here’s a current breakdown of the packaging used for your veg box and what to do with it once it’s done it’s job

  • Recycled Produce Box > please return* (we donate to a local charity for each box returned - yay! While they may not be the most glamorous looking, reducing waste is far more important. The boxes we use were destined for land-fill WAY too early. They have plenty of life left in them! They are generally used 6-8 more times!! Recycling these boxes means avoiding unnecessary waste and reducing the production of unnecessary new boxes. New cardboard boxes would mean one use and a lot more cardboard production, which is water intensive, generates emissions and runs the risk of encouraging deforestation if not sourced sustainably. )

  • Produce Nets > please return* or pop into green waste bins for industrial compost 

  • Paper Bags > home compostable / please recycle

  • HDPE Box liners & Plastic Leaf-Mix Bags > please recycle (HDPE liners are the best solution currently in the market, once recycled HDPE finds uses in new containers, piping, and even outdoor furniture, contributing to a circular economy. Recycling our packaging is not only the most resource efficient packaging, but if recycled can be the most environmentally friendly alternative until new technology allows us to find an even better solution! So why don't we use compostable plastic? Because there is one really REALLY big problem we are not told about compostable plastics and that is a 2021 study by the Australian Packaging Covenant, found nearly 30% of compostable packaging had high levels of PFAS. So what's PFAS? It's known as the forever chemical because once released into our environment it's said to stay there forever. It has significant environmental and human health implications, so significant the Australian government have set up a PFAS task force to try and deal with this chemical. We have tried to verify with companies who manufacture compostable plastic liners that their compostable plastic is PFAS free and never receive an answer, they simply don't know or it hasn't been tested. BIOPAK (Australia's largest producer of compostable packaging) have admitted to using PFAS in some of their products and are investing heavily in finding an alternative. (they don't currently make a carton liner) Further information: Link below with a “HOW TO TEST FOR PFAS”
    We believe that a solution will be found to the “Forever Chemical” and that a sustainably sourced, chemical free compostable plastic will be discovered.)

  • Plastic Punnets (we always opt for buying bulk, then packaging in paper bags, but when this isn’t an option you may receive produce in plastic punnets) > please recycle

Thoughtful Packaging Updates

We often share regular updates on our social media of the packaging we use, and the changes we make to do the best we can. Along with the recyclable methods available to our amazing customers, so we can together tackle this complex and difficult issue knowing we are actually doing what’s best for the planet!

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