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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
Want to Find Farmers in Your Area? You're in the RIGHT spot!

Find a Farmer

Below is a growing list of over 200 Aussie Farmers that You can Support Directly


Are You a Farmer?
Or know a Farmer that's not listed yet?

We appreciate your help, let's grow this directory and help support farmers directly

If you're a Farmer that would love to be included in this directory, we'd love to hear from you!

If you know a Farmer that would love to be included in this directory, we'd love to hear from you!

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About Find a Farmer

Become a rebel and support farmers directly 👊

We are passionate about Farmers, and since a recent video of ours went viral (Watch HERE>), we quickly realised how much you all want to be a rebel and support farmers directly!

Family farms have declined by 15% every decade since the 1980’s 😲

You can help stop this trend by buying directly from farmers.

We proudly display the names of each farm whose produce we sell online, including 6 local farming families here on the Mid North Coast. (This includes us the Sohip family 🤗)

And….. we only sell food that is grown without chemicals, from farmers who care about their soil and the environment they grow in 🪱 🌱 🌍

Our hope is this directory helps you Find a Farmer near you to support directly.

Let's reclaim our connection with our farmers and our food.

Feedback, Suggestions & Reporting

We appreciate feedback, suggestions and reporting of problems/mistakes, let's make this the best it can be!

We do our best to keep Farmers information in this directory correct and with working links. Farmers details also do change over time, please let us know of any mistakes/probs - we will rectify any issues asap, your time is much appreciated and know your helping make this a List that gets the TLC it needs. And when it comes to suggestions, feedback and ideas - Thank you this helps us grow and supports decision making! please complete short form

We appreciate You taking the time to Find a Farmer!!

Find a Farmer - Directory Disclaimer

Sohip Pty Ltd publishes this free online Directory (Find a Farmer) as a reference source for the general public (legends that want to support Farmers Directly). To Sohip Pty Ltd knowledge, the farm name, website, and social media links and other information about each Sohip Pty Ltd - Find a Farmer Listing was accurate at the time of posting. The Farmers listed in this Find a Farmer Directory are submitted or suggested independantly and, as such, are entirely responsible for their own professional activity. Sohip Pty Ltd does not represent or warrant to any person the degree of skill, the quality of care, or quality of services that may be provided by the farmers, and others listed in this directory. In no event shall Sohip Pty Ltd or any branch be liable to any member or other individual for any decision made, action taken, misdiagnosis, or malpractice that may occur as a result of service provided by any independent individual(s) listed in this directory. Sohip Pty Ltd and the branches have no control over the services provided by any independent individual(s) listed in this directory, and disclaim any and all liability for any loss or injury to any member or other individual caused by any such independent individual(s) listed in this directory.