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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Box Returns Initiative

Talk About a Win-Win!

We Are Passionate About Reducing Waste & Giving Back

Our boxes may not be the most glamorous looking, but reducing waste is far more important.

The recycled produce boxes we use to pack each order were destined for land-fill WAY too early. They have plenty of life left in them!

Recycling these boxes means avoiding unnecessary waste and reducing the production of unnecessary new boxes.

Our most recent local donation was to the amazing Camden Haven Girl Guides!

We donate to a local charity for every box returned!

To encourage the return of our boxes and also...further reduce waste - YAY!

We donated to the amazing local Camden Haven Girl Guides recently on your behalf.

Girl Guides empower girls and young women to discover their potential as leaders of their world. They like to think of it as changing the world, one Girl Guide at a time.

How to Return Your Boxes?

Here's all the info you'll need!

Pick-Up Location Folks

Please bring them back to your pick-up location. Collapsing them for us helps immensely!

The amazing shop owners and staff will store them for us to collect. If you pick-up from the farm directly please leave them on the table in coolroom the entrance.

Home Delivery Folks

Please leave your boxes out on the morning of your next delivery. We will be so grateful if you could collapse them for us!

Our drivers will pick them up, or they can be dropped off to the farm directly (please leave them on table at the coolroom entrance.) or one of our pick-up locations > click here for locations.

A Huge Thank YOU in Advance!

The Amazing Local Charities

You've Help Support!

Learn More About Our Ethics & Ethos