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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Unfortunately Waste Labelling is a far more Complex Issue than we think!

From Best to …Not So Great

Breaking Down Waste Labelling

Morning Folks,

Hope your having a beautiful weekend & enjoying this amazing weather.

We love using this opportunity of meeting you here on our blog, to dive deeper into topic that matter.

…And this beauty is no exception.

Falling down the Waste Labelling rabbit hole can be overwhelming!

But we really hope in this email to break it down in a way that is helpful.

We have rated each option from best to the not so great and also provided some pros and cons of each below.

Just a note on Recycling: We’re not quite sure where this one should sit, in some cases it should be number 1 and others maybe the last option, we would love to get your feedback to see what option you feel best supports the most environmentally and sustainable solutions!

Unfortunately waste labelling is a far more complex issue than we think!

It can feels like we have a degree in plastic production to get to the truth of the matter…

There is so much greenwashing and misuse of labelling it can become very frustrating for us…

When all we want is to do is the right thing!

We really hope this information is helpful to you.

And makes decoding waste labels a little easier in your own life.

This deep dive into a pretty tedious subject has definitely allowed us to make the best decisions available to us currently.

But technology is advancing rapidly so we must keep well informed of changes that will allow a more closed loop system available.

We often share regular updates on our social media of the packaging we use, and the changes we make to do the best we can. Along with the recyclable methods available to our amazing customers, so we can together tackle this complex and difficult issue knowing we are actually doing what's best for the planet!

Big Love,