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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Together We are Breaking Records & Bucking Trends!

G'Day Folks,

This time of year is just stunning in the Lorne Valley, it's such a pleasure to be up before the birds are chirping and harvesting your veggies as the sun rises and slowly melts the morning fog. The mornings on the farm have been stunningly foggy lately and getting cooler, but not reaching ‘finger-freezing’ temperature during the early morning harvests just yet.

We are excited to say that all of your Broccoli is coming from the farm this week, all 285 heads or 100kg! This Broccoli was planted back in March and has done well to survive what was an unusually hot start to Autumn and a very wet finish!

Some of our Broccolini plants are producing some record breaking long stems and the cooler weather is increasing the sugar levels making them taste that little bit sweeter. With the first day of winter now past, the cooler weather will create sweeter tasting carrots, cauliflower and just about every other winter loving vegetable, as they defend themselves from the freezing cold by increasing their sugar levels. Eating in season really does allow you to experience the best flavours our fruit and vegetables can produce.

Last week we harvested, packed and delivered more veg boxes across the Mid North Coast than we ever have before in our farm's 5 year history.

We are blown away by the number of new customers joining our family of food lovers each and every week. It's hard to express in words how thankful we all are for your support. We know so many of you spread the word, telling as many people as you can about us and for this we are truly grateful.

For those who have just joined us, know that Sohip is living and breathing today only because of the continued support of so many loyal customers within our community. When James was delivering our veggie boxes just last Wednesday, he came home and said “ I felt so proud knowing we have been feeding a lot of the same families for many years now, seeing all of the familiar names and houses really filled my cup, we must be doing something right”.

For our family this is not just about organic farming and good food, we are trying to recreate old traditions with new technology, trying to hold onto rural communities, trying to inspire others to do the same. We believe the world is more vibrant when families and communities are stitched together into a beautiful patch quilt, each thread born out of a desire to support each other's dreams and passions. To feel valued and loved by your family and community is all our soul craves, we hope you feel it from our family at Sohip, because every time we deliver a box to your home, meet you in the street, receive your thoughts through messages, we sure do feel it from you.

Thank YOU for joining us on this epic journey & supporting Your local farmer!