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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Thanks to all YOU Legends!

G’day Folks,

Thanks to all you legends who support us, little old Sohip has had to find a bigger coolroom to store your veggies in and allow us to feed this growing community.

We built the last coolroom just over a year ago now, thinking it would be plenty big enough to keep things cool for the next few years. How wrong we were, 12 months later and we are once again out of room.

We hope you feel apart of this, because you absolutely are.

Together we are changing the way food is grown right here on the mid north coast and our shared values continue to grow from strength to strength.

These milestones may be small, but without them we don’t work out the bigger problems we need to solve together.

This coolroom belongs to us all, from your incredible support, Sohip grows each and every week.

Alongside this growth:

  • we have more awesome people join the Sohip team to grow, nurture, harvest, wash, pack and deliver your veg,
  • we expand our delivery areas as much as possible (this is always a topic of convo),
  • we evolve our systems behind the scenes to the best we can manage (THIS is an ever changing place of trial, error, success... and truly where we are unafraid to make changes and try new ways, always in hope of serving You, our community the best we can!)
  • and last but not least we priorities our connection with you all. Our core driver is this, and as we grow together we spend more time making sure our weekly newsletter reaches you consistently, we make sure we have the best customer service we can and that every box that goes out is more than fresh goodness- that it is no matter how small, a part of the change we all are actively standing for.

Last weekend when we dismantled the new coolroom ready for transportation from Byron to Sohip, each part, from screw, to hinge to panel, we couldn’t help but see your names are on it.

Without you we don’t exist, we wouldn’t be out growing coolrooms...

And we know it takes extra effort from you to support something like this. We will never be as convenient as the supermarket, but we hope our food and connection can at least bring you more joy.

Sharon (aka Mum in above photo) always says that we are delivering boxes of joy each and every week and this is so true. But it’s a box of joy for both ourselves the farmers and we hope you the supporters.

It is truly a privilege to grow food for folks like you.

Thank YOU for joining us on this epic journey & supporting Your local farmer!