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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Jimmy's Yogurt - *Farm Pick-Up ONLY* - Hastings Riverlands - Locally Sourced


NOW in GLASS JARS - 1L Jars can be returned and you will recieve $1

We are so pumped for this!!
Everyone meet Jimmy!
Jimmy runs his micro dairy in Huntingdon with 11 cows, he uses no GMOs, herbicides or pesticides.

Jimmy (who is only 18!) is the sole operater and owner of these jersey cows and with the support of his family who you may of heard of @oxhillorganics Jimmy is using the same organic farming practises he has learnt from his family.

If some of your goals for 2023 have been to support farmers and buy local, then everyone needs to get on board and give this legend a crack.


If you can’t come to our farm you can also buy Jimmy’s amazing Milk & Yogurt from:
  • @forgivingfoods Laurieton,
  • @wholehealthstore Lake Cathie and
  • @grazedgrownfarm Comboyne