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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Family Box - Small - Subscription

$63.00 $70.00


--- The Next Level Convenient ---

Small Family Subscription Box

Save 10% when you Subscribe, Cancel Any Time! 

FREE Delivery to Your Door! (Selected Areas - Check HERE)

Need one less thing to think of? And want amazing value?

Choose every week or fortnightly! 

Pause, Skip or Cancel your subscription any-time with zero fees

You can also use these boxes as a base and then add anything else you need and top up your order each week!

This box offers amazing value, its designed for the smaller family or couples who just love there Fruit & Veg. It offers amazing value and will keep your fridge full of the stuff that makes your body smile!

IMPORTANT: Free Shipping Code for Topping Up Order - Subscribers Only

To ensure you are not charged delivery fee with your subscription, below is a code you can use at checkout: Use Code: FREEHD

Produce subject to change due to season, quality and availability, however, value of fruit and vegetables will remain equal or greater than box price. 

IMPORTANT - Need to change produce? If you don't want specific fruit/s or Veg - no worries! Please leave us an order note, this can be done during checkout. You are also more than welcome to email at admin@sohiporganics.com.au changes anytime during your subscription, simply let us know by Monday Midnight the week of your delivery.

Our Most Popular Box! You'll Keep Well Stocked With All The Family Favs & Eat Vibrantly With This One!


Apples or Seasonal Fruit


Avocado  or Seasonal Fruit


Banana  or Seasonal Fruit


Oranges or Seasonal Fruit


Baby Bok Choy or Choy Sum or Gia-Lan or Seasonal Veg


Broccoli or Broccolini or Cauliflower Head or Seasonal Veg


Carrot Bunch or Loose Carrots or Seasonal Veg


Cucumber or Seasonal Veg


Brown Onions or Seasonal Veg


Potato (Dutch or Sebago) or Seasonal Veg


Salad Mix or Seasonal Veg


Zucchini or Seasonal Veg


Tomato or Seasonal Fruit/Veg


Baby Spinach Leaf or Cos/Gem Lettuce or Seasonal Veg