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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Avocado - HASS Variety - Locally Sourced (Red Plateau Farm - Manning Valley)


 Locally grown by Red Plateau Organic Produce - Manning Valley family farm operating for over 30 years. An Organic pioneer.

We are incredibly grateful to have connected with the amazing family who own and run Red Plateau Farm, they are now supplying beautiful Reed Avos and Lemons too!

ABOUT the REED Variety:

A Reed is larger than most avocados, with a skin that remains green when the fruit ripens and is round in shape unlike most other avocados. They have a nutty, creamy flavour. A good source of vitamins B6, E and folic acid and a useful source of vitamin C and potassium.


Avocados have what appears to be a cult-like following. People are obsessed when it comes to this little, green fat-bomb. From guacamole to avocado toast — we can't seem to get enough. The good news is, this a ​healthy​ obsession because avocados are a good-for-you food. Yes, they are high in fat but about 85 percent is the healthy mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. This means they're calorically dense but it turns out they can actually help with weight management because they keep you satiated.

Find more nutritional facts and recipes by clicking this link How to Eat Avocado: Avocado Recipes That Aren’t Toast or Guacamole | Livestrong.com