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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

What if Every Farm was Organic?

G'Day Folks,

On the farm conversations around our outdoor table, where we all pull up a chair, have a cuppa, often have us discussing whats possible. We often say imagine when, image if...

Some call us crazy for dreaming, for taking the leap in 2019 and becoming organic farmers.

But theres one statement that comes to mind when the way things are being done, just doesn't add up..

There has to be a better way.

For a moment join us, pull up a chair, at our outdoor table and imagine with us..

What if every farm was organic?

Clean rivers,

Not a single chemical in sight,

Working with nature,

Growing healthy food in healthy soil, and

Regenerating the land more each and every year.

We strongly believe it's only a matter of time.

But it may be a loooooong time or...

The question is, can it be accelerated?

Absolutely it can!

We are passionate about being a part of this change. With you, we can make this way of farming as successful as possible. This then, we hope, will mean more people will do what we are doing! And more folks will get behind it!

It will be the NEW normal.

Not only is the planet and environment supported...

It's going to be the health of the people eating the food. It's a HUGE win-win-win scenario!

Imagine when the farmer is paid to look after the land, paid to grow food rich in nutrients, paid not to use chemicals...

It’s not that we have a lack of farmers wanting to grow food without chemicals, without degrading their soil, without polluting their streams and rivers. It’s not the lack of farmers, it’s the lack of customers.

The farmers will arrive when the customers are ready to support them.

THIS is how we shift gears, and speed this journey up. Where organic is no longer a label, its normal.

THIS growing community is actively bringing forth change each and every week.

THIS can't be underestimated!

We are creating the new normal together and we can't thank you enough for joining us on the journey.

Thank YOU for joining us on this epic journey & supporting Your local farmer!