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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Pumpkin - The Lambert Dry (1kg Cuts) - All-Rounder - Locally Sourced (Doraville Organics - Moorland)


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70 years in the making!

Recently we had Wayne Lambert from Doraville Organics in Moorland introduce us to The Lambert Dry pumpkin. It’s an all-rounder pumpkin that all started 70 years ago when Waynes grandfather was given a little pumpkin from the back of a truck.

The Lambert family, owners of Doraville have been farming for nearly a century and they have over the last 70 year nurtured the Lambert Dry pumpkin to grow in size and colours through the help of bees pollinating and propagating.

From humble beginnings The Lambert Dry is a pumpkin we don’t come across every day. The seeds have been kept each and every season, then planted, nurtured, harvested and now these beauties are ready once again for us all  to enjoy too!