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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Lemon Each Large - Locally Sourced (Red Plateau Farm - Manning Valley)


Locally grown by Red Plateau Organic Produce - Manning Valley family farm operating for over 30 years. An Organic pioneer.

We are incredibly grateful to have connected with the amazing family who own and run Red Plateau Farm, they are now supplying beautiful Reed Avos and Lemons too!


Electrolytes are minerals that use electric charges in the body to produce reactions such as muscle contraction, nerve movement and a regular heartbeat. Some electrolytes, such as calcium, also have other functions, including a role in bone strength. Lemons don't provide a significant source of any electrolytes, but they can contribute modestly to your daily electrolyte intake.

Find more nutritional facts and recipes by clicking this link Electrolytes in Lemons | Livestrong.com