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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Fruit Box



--- The Perfect Fruit Bundle ---

Fruit Box

This has been a highly requested one!

Especially for folks that order fortnightly and would love a top-up of fruit on the weeks between boxes.

You can also use these boxes as a base and then add anything else you need!

Looking for a Mid-week top up or just making sure you get the essential fruits each week to make your life easy, then this Box is for you!


Produce subject to change due to season, quality and availability, however, value of fruit will remain equal or greater than box price. 

IMPORTANT: If you don't want specific fruits, or prefer some fruit over others- no worries! Please leave us an order note, this can be done during checkout.

Get All Your Staple Fruit Goodies in This One!


Apples or Seasonal Fruit


Banana or Seasonal Fruit


Oranges or Seasonal Fruit


Pears or Seasonal Fruit


Grapes or Seasonal Fruit


Watermelon or Seasonal Fruit