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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

Dozen Pastured Eggs - 700g - Certified Organic - Locally Sourced (Oxhill Organics)


Oxhill Organic Pasture Ranged Eggs

Our certified organic laying hens roam on river flat land on our farm at Wauchope. They are housed in movable sheds (chicken caravans), and are moved to new pasture every three days, a point of difference between our eggs and most free range operations (a lot of free range chickens are housed in permanent sheds which means that although they have access to free range, they are on the one paddock all year). This allows maximum intake of fresh organic grass, is great for the pasture as the chicken manure is spread at a consistent rate over the farm and helps grow more nutritious grass as the chickens grazing habits are controlled and favoured species are not overgrazed. The hens are protected from predation by movable electric fences and fox lights.

Our hens are not debeaked to enable them to forage and behave 100% naturally. They feed on a diverse range of organic pastures and freshly cracked organic grain. 

Our production system uses:

NO Meat Meal

NO Fish Meal


NO Hormones

NO Antibiotics

NO Chemicals

NO Yolk Colorant

Just fresh organic grass and grain

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